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Escape was created after a month's work for a 2020 Level Design class at the University of Central Florida made in Unreal Engine 4. It's a solo project where a level design document and white box were necessary before the final product was made during the last week and a half using art asset packs as well as personal art.

Play as someone trapped inside a building and use your observational skills to find clues, codes, and keys to escape.

Audrey Luce: Level Designer, Programmer, Artist

Published 28 days ago
Tags3D, Escape Game, level-design, student


Luce_Original.zip 444 MB


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A neat little escape room you’ve made! I enjoyed playing and solving the puzzles, good job :) 

nice puzzle there. 


Game seems very fun and cool! I cant play it though, the motion blur is far too heavy for me and makes me feel sick, anyway I can turn it off? 


may i know your rig ?